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Perfect Gifts for a Wedding

The wedding season is fast approaching and it is that time where you start thinking about what gift you can get for the wedding you might be going to later on in the year. In this blog, I will go through some of the products you can have personalised that could make the perfect present for the happy couple you know that is about to get married.

Product 1

Personalised Apron

Adult apron’s come in adult sizes and also children sizes. For an adult, you can have a joke such as kiss the cook which could be funny on the morning of a wedding or you can have a special message to the couple getting married on the apron. Any names also can be printed onto the apron to make it a very special personalised apron.



Adult – £7.50

Child – £5.00

Product 2

Personalised Bunting

It is always important to have the hall for the reception decked out nicely and you can do with that with some personalised bunting. You can have a picture of the couple getting married with their names and the date of the wedding on the bunting or you can have a lovely message on the bunting. It is completely your choice.


Price – £1.50

Product 3

Personalised Candle Holders

We have personalised candle holders available in two sizes which are short and long. You can have a message like Mr and Mrs on a candle holder like you can see in the image below or the names of the couple or the date of the wedding on the candle holder. An image of the couple could be a possibility for the long candle holder.

Candle Holder


Short – £6.00

Long – £12.00

Product 4

Personalised Compact Mirror

We have personalised compact mirrors available. You could have an image of the couple on the front of the compact or a special message with their names and date of the wedding. Another possibility is that it can be used as a gift for the bridesmaids with a thank you message printed on the front.

Compact Mirror

Price – £10.00

Product 5

Personalised Cufflinks

Personalised cufflinks could be a nice gift for the groom, the father of the bride or best man before the wedding or as a thank you after the wedding. You can have the person you want to thank initials on the cufflinks or a very small image on them. The cufflinks can come in a box if you choose to buy one.



Cufflinks – £10.00

Cufflinks Box – £3.00

Product 6

Personalised Framed Silhouette

We have done personalised framed silhouettes in the past for weddings and have proven to be very popular. We can do a unique design such as hands together or a silhouette of a famous person. This could be a perfect gift for a newly married couple or as a thank you gift for someone playing an important role in the wedding. We have three different sizes which are listed below –

Framed Silhouette


Black 5×7 – £15.00

White 5×7 – £15.00

White 8×10 – £25.00

A4 8.3×11.7 – £30.00

Product 7

Personalised Wine Bottle Cover

A personalised wine bottle cover could be the perfect gift for the bride with a special message or image on the front of it or it could be a perfect gift for the bridesmaids as a thank you with a special message or image printed on it.

Wine Bottle Cover

Price – £5.00

Product 8

Personalised Notepad

A personalised notepad could be something different to give as a little gift for a wedding. You can have an image of the couple getting married on the front of it with a special message and the date of their wedding on the back. A wedding diary of special messages written inside during the day of the wedding could be a good idea.



A5 – £8.00

A6 – £10.00

Product 9

Personalised Makeup Bag

A nice little thank you gift for the bridesmaids or the flower girls could be a personalised makeup bag. This is a nice small bag that you can keep in a smaller handbag and suitable for holding makeup when travelling. You could have an image or thank you message printed on the front.

Make Up Bag

Price – £3.00

Product 10

Personalised Teddy Bear

A personalised Teddy Bear could be a nice thank you gift for playing an important role in the wedding. You can have a special message, image or a name printed on the front of the Teddy Bear T-Shirt. It can also be a nice gift if you have young children that might be involved in the wedding in any way.

Teddy Bear


18cm – £15.00

32cm – £25.00

I hope you found this interesting and gave you something to think about if you have a loved one or friend’s wedding coming up. If you do decide to purchase a personalised product then you can either buy online, drop us a message via email, Facebook or Twitter or you could pop into our unit and get a cup of tea or coffee while you place your order! We look forward to hearing from you!

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